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Odessa International Exchange Festival

" Degree & Profession"

20-23 May 2009

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Organized by:
- Odessa Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (more information here)
- Odessa State Economics University

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a pleasure to invite you to take part in the Odessa International Exchange
Festival “Degree & Profession”
, which will be held on May 20 – 23, 2009 in Odessa,

Patron of the “Degree & Profession - International Regional Festival in Odessa”  is the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Florence-Italy) www.fondazione-delbianco.org

The Mission of Regional Festival in Odessa:
• Interdisciplinary, Intercultural, International for the Youth
• A meeting point for students, graduates, companies, professionals, professors and universities
• Focused on topics at the cutting edge for the regional area

Being the main purpose of “Degree & Profession”, the agenda of the Odessa
International Exchange Festival based on the opportunities that the organization has:
• Presentation of the graduate’s degree projects,
• Experience-Exchange by professionals
• Company presentations

The Program of the “Degree & Profession” develops in the fields of:
• Architecture,
• Urban Planing,
• Art & Design
• Conservation,
• Microeconomics,
• International Economy,
• Economy of Tourism.

Also, as parallel events:
X International forum “Odessa Home” - offering as main events:
• Architecture and design, construction and maintanance, restoration and
reconstruction, communal services, building and finishing materials, sanitary
equipment, windows and doors

• V International exhibition "StoneExpoUkraine"
• XVI International Exhibition "Furniture and Interior"
• Architectural festival "Creation"
• V competition of architect's and designer's installations "InterZone"

Looking forward to meeting you in Odessa.
Awaiting for your reply as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,
Organizing Committee Chairmans:
Rector of Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Prof. Vitaliy Dorofyeyev,
Rector of Odessa State Economic University
Prof. Mihail Zveriakov


Odessa city being the administrative center of the region of the same name with its over 1 mln. inhabitants population and satellite cities of Illyichevsk and Yuzhny is an important industrial and trading complex.
The city is situated on the Black sea northwestern seashore on the trading routes from the Central and Northern Europe to the Close East and Asia crossing. Developed highways network, city location near Danube, Dnestr, Southern Bug, and Dnepr rivers, as well as large seaports of Odessa, Illyichevsk and Yuzhny with Odessa international airport and railway create the unique favorable conditions for loads accepting, processing, saving and transporting and the powerful passenger flows processing.

Odessa economics is dominated by the establishments dealing with the sea business, and also the food and processing establishments of light industry. Odessa government offers its priority support to the industry branches aimed at different customers’ needs satisfaction. We also administrate the spheres of healthcare, education, housing building, city transport, culture, communal services, municipal property ground areas and realty sales. The City administration also deals with the business activity licensing.
Thanks to the beautiful sanatoriums, beaches and recreation complexes, Odessa attracts a lot of tourists, especially in summer. Tourist business is attractive and profitable.

Since Odessa has got a lot of educational establishments, theaters, museums, libraries and other cultural and educational profile establishments, the city is known all over the world and is considered to be both the economical and the cultural center of Ukraine.
But the city’s main treasure is its inhabitants. They have always been known for their business astuteness, initiative and tolerance. Odessa is the only city in Ukraine which has so many nations living in it and having really great relationships with each other. From their very childhood, the Odessites are being brought up in the atmosphere of hospitality, warm-heartiness and wicked humor, that’s why no
feuds have ever happened and will ever happen here.

Odessa’s doors are always open for cultural and business cooperation!

By the www.odessa.ua

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Rector Prof. Vitaliy Dorofyeyev sais:

I welcome you on behalf of Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Odessa, Ukraine)!

Our University was formed in 1930; at present is the member of
Magna Charta. The main structural units of Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture are five academic institutes and four departments, the administrative arm of the school, departments of postgraduate studentship and international backgrounds, library(scholarly and educational), research institutes, industrial park, research part, Research and Study Center for international countries and others.

At the present stage one of the priorities of Academy direction is internationalization of educational and research process. Especially, an active work on international dialoging, exchange of educational and practical experience is holding on preparing of architectural students of our academy.

We are open to new contacts and ready for development of university cooperation. At the present time the academy is actively cooperating with the number of institutions. At present the academy actively cooperates with a number of educational institutions abroad including institutions and organizations of Poland, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, England and others.

Our academy paid great attention to the preparation and organization of architectural forum, which will held with the assistance of Romualdo del Bianco Fond (Florence, Italy) in our town from the 20th to the 23rd of May 2009 within the regional festival “Degree&Profession”. We highly appreciate friendship with Fond Romualdo del Bianco and especially personally with its president Mr. Paolo del Bianco.
Fond activit
y is well known far ahead of Italy due to its successful assistance of architectural and artificial restoration projects, international conferences, exhibitions and workshops.
I hope very much, that our mutual project an architectural forum within the regional festival “Degree&Profession” will be a great contribution to the achievement of our joint goals: contact development, perfection of international experience, rapprochement trough culture achievement of common understanding of different nations.

Yours sincerely
Rector, Professor V. Dorofeev

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Didrihsona St. No. 4, Odessa 65029 - UKRAINE
Phone: +38.0487.233.342; Fax: +

The patrons

Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Odessa State Economic University

Exhibition Centre Odessa Home








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Fiona Kavakure
Fiona Kavakure (Burundi)

Medals by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano to:
Maura Caturano
Maura Caturano (Italy)

Delia Casadei
Delia Casadei (Italy)

Anna Vladimirova
Anna Vladimirova (Russia)

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