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General information on the Virtual Expo:
International Awards and Permanent Online Database of Degrees

Have you graduated from college?
Have you finished university?
Have you received your Master/PhD degree?

Do you wish to show your skills and potential to the world?

By uploading your project and your curriculum/résumé in our database it will be permanently visible in the Degree Database on our Web site and you will always be able to update your project and your personal information.

Who can participate

  • 1st Cycle: Graduates from three-year teaching diploma courses, three-year college and university degrees, Bachelor's degree, undergraduate degree
  • 2nd Cycle: Graduates from four-year and five-year university courses, Master's degrees and dissertations of first level
  • 3rd Cycle: Graduates persuing their doctoral degree PhD (1st or 2nd level), Master's degrees and dissertations of second level or similar degree
  • Degree projects regarding ALL topics and ALL fields of study can be uploaded in the archive (Architecture, Design, Literature, Engineering, Economics, Music, Social Sciences, ...).
  • Each author can participate in the Expo with each prepared degree and dissertations.

What is offered

By registering for the Virtual Expo, your project:

- Will be visible online permanently, giving you the opportunity to accreditate your skills and abilities on an international level and to show your work to companies and professionals searching for new talents. (The Web site is visited by about 4.000 people monthly from fields related to your project)

- Will take part in the next edition of the International Awards, with the opportunity to win numerous prizes and to be visible in Italy and around the world.

- Will be displayed in a PowerPoint Presentation, submitted by you, during the Florence World Festival.

Other opportunities

Once your project is published in the Degree Database, you may also choose to:

- Exhibit your project on a poster during the World Festival in Florence, in the next edition.

- Present and explain your project directly to professors, professionals and students, during the poster sessions at the Florence World Festival, giving the opportunity to win the "Life Beyond Tourism Award",which will be selected by the scientific committee during the next Festival. 

The rules of participation in the Florence World Festival and the Regional Festivals are available on the pages of each event, respectively.





Life Beyond Tourism®
Award of 2.000 €
Fiona Kavakure
Fiona Kavakure (Burundi)

Medals by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano to:
Maura Caturano
Maura Caturano (Italy)

Delia Casadei
Delia Casadei (Italy)

Anna Vladimirova
Anna Vladimirova (Russia)

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