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 The Florence World Festival

Creativity and Tradition for the promotion of the knowledge
of the territories identity through the Life Beyond Tourism No Profit Portal

The program of the Florence World Festival

15th March 2013, Friday

14.00 At Auditorium al Duomo, Foyer
Opening of the Secretariat for the registration of participants
Delivery by the participants to the Degree Project Presentation of their PPT presentations and of the posters for the exhibition to the Secretariat

15.00 Visit to the Uffizi Gallery
Meeting point outside the entrance of the museum (Piazzale degli Uffizi)

15.00 At Auditorium al Duomo, “Anfiteatro A. Tomaszewski” Hall
Degree & Profession – The experience of professors and experts
by Ray Hutchison, Professor, University of Wisconsin Green Bay, “Medieval Florence and the tourist city”
by Silvio Calvi, Architect and Engineer, “Svaneti: elements for an identity”
by Sandro Parrinello, Professor, University of Pavia, “Experience of Analisys for studying the landscape and green – Research activities in Italy and abroad”
by Carolina Capitanio, Professor, University of Firenze
by Stefano Bertocci,Professor, University of Firenze
Q&A with professors and experts

18.15 Presentation of the book “Romanus Pontifex and their epoch” Vol 1
by Leila Khubashvili, Professor, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

19.00 Welcome greetings to the Experts by Paolo Del Bianco and presentation of the Round Table program (only for the experts of the Foundation)

16th March 2013, Saturday

8.45 At Auditorium al Duomo, “Anfiteatro A. Tomaszewski” Hall
Meeting of the participants Degree Project Presentation

9.00 Opening of the Degree & Profession – Florence World Festival
Welcome greetings by Paolo Del Bianco, President of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco – Life Beyond Tourism

9.30 Degree Project Presentation – Presentation of the works participating in the “Degree & Profession International Award”
The order of the presentation is available at the secretariat.

11.30 Visit to the Pitti Palace and the Boboli’s Garden
Meeting point outside the entrance of the museum (Piazza de’ Pitti, n.1)

15.30 At Auditorium al Duomo, “Anfiteatro A. Tomaszewski” Hall
Opening of the XIV Round Table of the experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation - Life Beyond Tourism and Official Closing of the Degree & Profession week with announcement of the winner of the Life Beyond Tourism Award and delivery of the certificates to all the participants

18.00 Presentation of the book “IN SIBERIA. A journey through the largest natural gas reserve
by Paolo del Bianco, President, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco-Life Beyond Tourism
by Lorenzo Becattini, President of Toscana Energia
by Ekaterina Y. Genieva, Director, Library for Foreign Literature of Moscow
by Marcello Garzaniti, Full Professor, Slavistic Studies at Florence University
by Marco Quinti, Photographer
by Eugenio Giani, President, Florence City Council

19.00 Official opening of the international art exhibition “Art and cultural heritage of each nation is common heritage for all nations and people around the world”
by Paolo Del Bianco, President, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco - Life Beyond Tourism
by Nikolay Gorskiy-Chernyshev, Professor, Moscow Academic State Art institute by V.I.Surikov

Following: Farewell cocktail for all the participants

17th March 2013, Sunday

9.30 At Auditorium al Duomo, “Anfiteatro A. Tomaszewski” Hall
The Heritage and Contemporary Culture in the service of intercultural dialogue and territorial development
by Paolo Del Bianco, President, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco - Life Beyond Tourism

Other contributions by experts and professors coming from Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia, Poland, ... (Full program of the session is available at the Secretariat desk)
Other speeches and open discussion

15.00 Visit to the Accademia Gallery
Meeting point outside the entrance of the museum (Via Ricasoli, 58)

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Life Beyond Tourism®
Award of 2.000 €
Fiona Kavakure
Fiona Kavakure (Burundi)

Medals by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano to:
Maura Caturano
Maura Caturano (Italy)

Delia Casadei
Delia Casadei (Italy)

Anna Vladimirova
Anna Vladimirova (Russia)

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