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The Regionals - Festivals around the world

Regional Festivals provide opportunities for young professionals and students to:

  • Display their degree projects on the archive, have their work accredited on an international level and present it during the festivals;
  • Meet, exchange and connect with professionals and companies
  • Meet with other young graduates and undergraduates, share their personal experiences and build an international network

What is an International Regional Festival?

Regionals are inter-annual events held around the world to give young professionals and students the chance to participate in an international event close to home in order to show their projects and to meet companies and professionals.

Regional Festivals involve professionals and companies, usually within a 1,000 KM radius, in a program which magnifies and exalts the spiritus loci. By involving the region around the organizing town, the different and specific social, cultural, historical, educational and political identities of that area will be explained and highlighted, opening up the opportunity for debate and discussion.

Thanks to the specificity of the programs, the Regional Festivals attract participants from all over the world, and therefore, promoting the host university/institution and the country on an international level.

How is it structured?

To connect young graduates and the world of professionals and companies, the agenda of Regional Festival include*:

  • Degree project presentations: The graduates participating in the Virtual Expo will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work and to present it to an international audience.
  • Expert testimonies: Professionals share their success stories and create a dialogue with the participants.
  • Company presentations: Company representatives present their products, philosophy, experiences and achievements in order to give participants an inside look into the companies.
  • Academic activities: Lectures and workshops present topics of regional relevance as well as stimulate discussions between the audience and the speakers.
  • Workshops for students, graduates and young professionals: Festival participants are divided into international groups and professors and students actively interact and collaborate with each other to gather information and ideas on specific topics.
  • Italian moments: The foundation offers the opportunity, upon request, to organize a time in which experiences of an Italian professional are presented.
  • Cultural moments: Participants visit main attractions of the city and take part in cultural events and other activities.

*Changes to the agenda may be made by the host institution and by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation.

How to apply to host a Regional Festival

If your University/Institution is interested in hosting a Regional Festival, please contact the organizing office at  info@florence-expo.com to receive all the information and the necessary document for applying.


Regional Festivals -  Past Editions





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