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The Florence World Festival

24 - 27 November 2009

General Info - Program - Abstracts - Speakers - Workshops - Parallel Expos - Collaborations - Download Area


24th of November 2009

at Auditorium al Duomo, Via de Cerretani 54r

h 15.00 Opening of the Festival by the authorities
h 15.45

Past, Present and Future of Degree & Profession: its development  in the context of "Life Beyond Tourism®".

by Paolo Del Bianco
President of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

h 16.30

Opening Conferences by experts in the different sectors:

FLORENCE: art or science?
by David Fisher
, Architect,  Founder of Dynamic Architecture, Florence

ICCROM and its activities in the world
by Rosalia Varoli-Piazza

Special Adviser to the Director-General of ICCROM
Representing Prof. Mounir Bouchenaki, Director of the ICCROM

Opening conference by Giampaolo Targetti
President of the Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Firenze, President of Targetti Sankey S.p.A.

h 18.00 Welcome Cocktail in the Exposition Area, with the opportunity to interact with the representatives of the companies and studios which collaborate with the project


25th of November 2009

at Auditorium al Duomo, Via de Cerretani 54r

h 9.20

Prof. Zsuzsanna Wierdl exchanges her experience
by Zsuzsanna Wierdl
Director of ICOMOS Mural Painting Committee, Hungary

 h 10.00

Contaminations: Life, Art and Architecture
by Elisabeth Sarah Gluckstein
Architect, Art and Architecture Critic, President of The Art & Architecture Factory
Together with the experiences of:
Silvana Scarpa, Painter, Venice, Italy
Giò Martorana, Professional Photographer, Gamma Agency, Paris, France

h 11.00 Tailoring & style
When tradition meets creativity
Quelle Tre, unconventional wear, a label that is a lifestyle

by Cecilia Scardigli, Luciana Scardigli, and Cristiana Scardigli
QUELLE TRE, Designers & Entrepreneurs, Florence, Italy


h 11:30 Break
h 11.40 A wall painting between material and image: a case-study with ethical and philosophical issues. Raphael Psyche Loggia at the Farnesina (Rome XVI century)
by Rosalia Varoli-Piazza

Special Adviser to the Director-General of ICCROM, Rome, Italy
h 12:20 Nardini Editore: A publisher for the safeguarding of cultural heritage
by Bettina Schindler and Ennio Bazzoni
Nardini Editore, Florence, Italy
h 12.50

Case study of the S.Andrea Church in Melzo (Milan)
by Francesco Mazzola

Professor, University of Milan, Italy and University of Baku, Azerbaijan

Abstract: How a apparently insignificant church can show the most famous artist painting, the mistaken interpretation of the Leonardo’s Dama con l’Ermellino, and be the custody of the bones of the fifth Duke of Milano.

Lunch break
h 14.30 Sustainable tourism and local development: your future is here!
by Salvatore Messina

Professor, Rector at Eureopean University of Tourism, Tirana, Albania

h 15.10 When the Body Dominates the Mind
by Fabrizio Galli
Sculptor, Quando il Corpo Domina la Mente, Italy
h 15.50

The opportunities and threats of the internet in the art market and creative economy
by Francesco Gagliardi
TwoCubed srl and the Chianciano Art Museum, Italy

Conference organized thanks to the Oxford Alumni Association

Abstract: The internet is changing the way the creative economy works. It provides a number of opportunities which can strongly benefit both institutions and artists. This conference will explain how best to exploit these and will present some new tools the internet offers including the soon to be launched AgentYou online platform.

h 16:30 Break
h 16.40

Conferences organized thanks to the Gruppo Giovani Architetti di Firenze (GGAF):

- The contemporary architecture in a historical context: the landscape scale and the architectural scale.
- A proposal for the riqualification of the access of Civita di Bagnoregio (VT)
By Giulio Ridolfi and Daniele Sorrentino
GGAF Members

- Project of a public space in historical centre of Noto (SR)
by Salvatore Spataro

GGAF Member

h 17.40 The Life Beyond Tourism® System: the Portal, the Photoblogs and the Club of Young Delegates from the Universities
by Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
h 18:00 Media Art - Crossroad of the Past and the Future
by Nana Iashvili
Professor, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Media Art, Tbilisi, Georgia


26th of November 2009

at Auditorium al Duomo, Via de Cerretani 54r

 h 9.20

Information Technology for Cultural Heritage
by Vito Cappellini

Professor, University of Florence, Italy

h 9.50

Multimedia and Cultural Heritage
by Vincenzo Capalbo

Architect, Art Media Studio, Florence, Italy

Presenting the preview of the "Life Beyond Tourism® Movie" DVD for the Hotels in Florence.

 h 10.30

A Creative Fusion of Two Artists
by Nicolas Bertoux and Cynthia Charn Yu Sah
Sculptors, ARTCO Srl e Fondazione Arkad, Italy

h 11:10 Break
h.11.20 Presenting the construction project of the housing of the population affected by the earthquake in 2003 in Dellys Department of Boumerdes, Algiers
by Athmane Touileb

Architect, Studio Architecture and Urbain Design, Boumerdes, Algeria
h 12:00 Research Education and Production
The Experiences of the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze
by Edoardo Malagigi and Angela Nocentini
Professors, Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy
Gaetano Cunsolo
Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy
h 12.30 Monuments, cultural heritage and the anthropological perspective
by Luigi Maria Lombardi Satriani
Anthropologist, Professor, University La Sapienza of Rome, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, Rome, Italy
  Lunch break
h 14.20

Recombining expertise to create new professions in the field of Architecture
by Marco Brizzi

Architect, Founder of iMage, Professor, California State University in Florence and University of Ferrara, Italy

h 15.00 Transnational identity and differences in Architecture and Urban Design
by Yasuo Watanabe
Architect, Architectural Studio Interstudio, Pesaro, Italy and Tokyo, Japan
h 15.40 Multi-thematic Park at Monti della Calvana, Calenzano, Florence
By Michele Piccini

Architect, Studio Mapp, Florence, Italy
 h 16.30

Cooperation between university and companies: the laboratory "Landscape Survey and Design"
by Sandro Parrinello
, Researcher, University of Florence, Italy
and Giammarco Piacenti
, Piacenti SpA, Prato, Italy

Abstract: Presentation of the project "Landscape Survey and Design",  a collaboration between the University of Florence and several companies to create a joined laboratory for the application and the development of technologies for the design and the survey in the field of landscape and urban landscape.

h 17.10

Conference organized thanks to the Gruppo Giovani Architetti di Firenze (GGAF):

"Tre folies per Firenze": debate on the experience.
By Nicola Chirdo and Tommaso Vecci

GGAF members

Connected to the parallel exhibition "Tre folies per Firenze", at Auditorium al Duomo

h 17.50

Artisans in Florence: the experiences brought by Confartigianato Firenze.

The experience of Lorenzo Foglia at Fogliargenteria di Foglia Lorenzo,
by Lorenzo Foglia

Fogliargenteria di Foglia Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

Craftsmanship: the Importance of Culture
by Antonio De Vito
I Muri dell'Arte, Antonio De Vito's Fresco Workshop, Florence, Italy 

Ancient style paintings and pittorical restoration: a Florentine experience
by Riccardo Bianchi
Artisan and Professor of Restoration, Dipinti in Stile Antico e Restauro Pittorico, Florence


27th of November 2009

at Auditorium al Duomo, Via de Cerretani 54r

h 9.00

Degree Presentation of the works participating in the
"Degree & Profession International Awards"
Join now the competition by uploading your work on the archive!
by Agafonova Anastasiia, Akimenko Olga, Anokhina Kateryna, Antidze
Sophico, Bliadze Elene, Bosh María Soledad, Bugadze Nino, Chechelnytska
Kateryna, Derevianko Iurii, Eismo Anna, Gogoladze Sophie, Kataian Anna,
Kavelashvili Abesalom, Khaytina Maria, Khomenko Kateryna, Kovaleva Galina,
Kvezereli Teona, Lipova Elena, Myronenko Oksana, Osiashvili Rusudan,
Peradze Nino, Polivanova Mayya, Rozhina Olga, Sobol Lyubov, Sokolova
Ganna, Vasychkina Nataliya, Vinkelman Anastasia, Volik Kateryna

The order of the presentation will be available at the secretary’s office
Meeting of the Committee to evaluate the presentation and choose
the winners of the 2009 Edition
  Lunch break
h 14.15 Presentation of the final works of the International Student Workshops of the year 2009 and selection of the best final work
h 14:20 The new urbanism, the issues related to experience of Florentine
workshops, by
Milan Prodanovic, Novi Sad, Serbia
h 14:50 Sculpture and sculpture works in Florence, by Gulchohra Mammadova,
Baku, Azerbaijan
h 15:20 The Tower of Universal Meaning under the wings of Romualdo Del Bianco
Foundation, by
Ewa Kutermak Madej, Krakow, Poland
h 15:40 Architectural design: cities building, by Valter Caldana, Sao Paolo, Brazil
h 16:10 The other workshops:
- Florence in the Works of European Writers and Artists: Project of
  Encyclopedic Dictionary for Guides and Tourists (5-12 April 2009), by Olga
, Ivanovo, Russia
h 16:20 - Touches of the Renaissance (1-8 November 2009), by Bohumil Fanta,
Prague, Czech Republic
h 16:30 International Plein-air Art Courses: the Influence of Florentine Environment
on students (28 June – 12 July 2009), by
Nikolay Gorskiy-Chernyshev,
Moscow, Russia
h 16:40

Brief Communication:
- Report on
“Baku International Regional Festival”
by Gulchohra Mammadova
Rector of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Baku
Azerbaijan, 14-19 march 2009
- Report on
“Odessa International Regional Festival”, 20-23 may 2009
Anatolii Kovrov, Vice-Rector of the Odessa Academy of Construction and Architecture and by Nadiia Ieksarova, Professor at the Odessa Academy of Construction and Architecture, Odessa, Ukraine

- Report on the “18th International Review-competition of the best degree
projects”, Saratov,
13-19 september 2009
International Public Organization of Promoting Architectural Education,

h 17:00

Closing of the Florence World Festival
-   Delivery of the Certificates
-   Announcement of winner of the "Smart Presentation Award"
-   Announcement of the program of 2010 Regional Festivals and of the 2010 Florence World Festival

 *The program could be subject to changes, which will be communicated through this website.

Check this page for the abstract of the presentations

Check this page for the list of the speakers and their works
Check this page for the information on the workshops that will be organized during the week of the Festival

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Life Beyond Tourism®
Award of 2.000 €
Fiona Kavakure
Fiona Kavakure (Burundi)

Medals by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano to:
Maura Caturano
Maura Caturano (Italy)

Delia Casadei
Delia Casadei (Italy)

Anna Vladimirova
Anna Vladimirova (Russia)

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